Dragon Pit

The Dragon pit was once a huge, cavernous building that was home for royalty among beasts, conquers of Land and Sky. . . DRAGONS! Alas, it has been abandoned for centuries and now lies in ruins. It is believed that the confines of the Dragon pit restricted the growth of dragons kept within, forcing them to adapt and evolve. ALIAS Entertainment invites you to explore our menagerie if you dare.

We have a mythical menagerie of creatures that could very well be descendants of Dragons at ALIAS 2023!

Common Black Hawk

Albino Burmese Python

Red Tail Boa Constrictor

Tropical Screech Owl

Pygmy Owl

Small Brown Indian Mongoose

Lesser Anteater

Black Vulture Baby

Yellow Headed Cara Cara

Trinidad Chevron Tarantula

Pink Toe Tarantula

Channel Billed Toucan

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