Exhibitor Terms and conditions


1.1 All Bookings must be made on the Exhibitor Application Form on-line and will be confirmed within three (3) business days via a confirmation email. If you do not receive an email please check your junk or spam folder, failing that please feel free to contact us directly.


2.1 Cost: Tables are priced at $800 TTD per table for two days (July 27th and July 28th), tables with electricity and wall space are priced at $900 TTD per table for two days (July 27th and July 28th), booths are priced at $2,200 per booth for two days (July 27th and July 28th). Exhibitors must participate on both days. Exhibitors booking multiple tables (three (3) or four (4)) or multiple booths MAY be eligible for a discounted price. Any such discount is at the discretion of ALIAS Entertainment.

2.2 Payment: For bookings the total Exhibitor Fee must be paid within five (5) business days of our confirmation of acceptance to formally reserve your space. If payment is not received within five (5) business days from the date of confirmation of acceptance and no prior arrangements have been made, the reserved exhibition space will be forfeited and the space made available for resale. Notwithstanding the foregoing all bookings and payments must be made by April 30th 2024.

*Please note that whilst one can in fact book a table without making a payment this does not secure your space.

2.3 Late applications: Late applications can only be accepted if space is available. Tables booked after March 1st will cost $900 TTD and any table booked after May 31st will cost $1000 TTD, tables with electricity and wall space booked after March 1st will cost $1000 TTD and any table with electricity and wall space booked after May 31st will cost $1,100 TTD, booths booked after March 1st will cost $2,300 TTD and any booth booked after May 31st will cost $2,500 TTD

2.4 Exclusions from Exhibitor Fee: The Exhibitor Fee does not include insurance, cleaning, loading and handling of equipment, staff, exhibit dressing, advertising or promotional material.
To arrange for payment either in person, via bank deposit or otherwise please contact us at dwayne@alias-expo.com


3.1 Cancellations/Refunds: All cancellations must be submitted in writing or by email to ALIAS Entertainment at dwayne@alias-expo.com.  In the event of an Act of God, natural disaster, epidemic, pandemic, governmental action, fire, rain, wind, storm or any other unforeseen event or catastrophe ALIAS Entertainment is not obliged to refund any part of Exhibitor Fee or other monies. ALL refunds are at the complete discretion of ALIAS Entertainment and no refunds are granted after March 31st 2024.



4.1 Allocation of tables and booths: Tables and booths will be allocated on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. 

4.2 Alteration of Floor plan: ALIAS Entertainment reserves the right to amend the floorplan or alter the exact location of the tables within the floor plan to accommodate sales e.g. where an Exhibitor books more than 4 (four) tables to avoid conflicts with other exhibitors. We will endeavour to consult with the exhibitors who are directly affected whenever possible and the Exhibitor undertakes to agree to such alteration(s).


5.1 Standard table dimensions: Standard table sizes are 6ft x 2.5 ft, tables come with a tablecloth and two (2) chairs. 

5.2 Standard booth dimensions: Standard Booth size 10ft x 10ft, booths come with two (2) tables, three (2) chairs, and an electrical outlet. 


6.1 Badges: The Exhibitor and their staff must wear their badge(s) at all times during the event, including pack-in/set-up and pack-out/dismantling. An Exhibitor is only permitted one (1) helper free of charge. Exhibitors MAY be allowed one (1) additional helper if 4 or 5 tables are booked. A pass will have to be purchased for this additional helper but it will be at a reduced price; any staff needed beyond this quota would be required to purchase tickets to the expo at the regular price.

6.2 Support Staff: Support staff are members of your staff that will NOT be staying at table or booth for the duration of the day and are NOT a recipient of one of your allotted exhibitor badges. Support staff will be given their own special badges which must be worn for them to secure entry during pack-in/set-up and pack-out/dismantling. Support staff are allowed to enter the hall for set-up at 7:00am and must exit the hall by 7:45am; they will again be allowed to enter after 5:00pm via the general admission entrance for dismantling, entry will be refused if the badge has been removed or is damaged.

6.3 Not Permitted: Alcohol, sale of Bootleg material, illegal drugs, smoking, disruptive and/or disrespectful behaviour are prohibited.

6.4 No “Table Leeches”: Table Leeches are people (family, friends, business partners, colleagues, associates, etc.) who are not signed up to exhibit at the event but hang out at or near the Exhibitor’s table with the intention of selling or promoting their own products or services. Table Leeches are not permitted at the ALIAS Entertainment Expo. Anyone found leeching or allowing/assisting anyone to do so, will be asked to leave the Expo with no refund.

6.5 General: The Exhibitor must ensure that:

(a) The table cloth provided with their table is returned to ALIAS Entertainment undamaged.

(b) Any damage will be paid for by the Exhibitor.
(c) Their table is fully staffed and continually kept open throughout the course of the event;
(d) Walkways are kept clear at all times;
(e) The space is kept clean and tidy and free from rubbish at all times;
(f) Business is conducted in an appropriate manner  being considerate of other exhibitors and visitors.

6.6 Arrangement of displays: Exhibitors are actively encouraged to decorate their space but are required to arrange his/her/its displays so as to not obstruct the general view or conceal other exhibits. No signs or banners are to be placed outside of the table or booth space assigned to each exhibitor. Exhibit personnel may not stand in the aisles or hand out materials, flyers or bags in the aisles of the event and must do so only within the allocated table area.

6.7 Disturbance: Loud speakers, radios, televisions or the operation of any machinery or equipment which is of sufficient volume to be distracting to neighbouring exhibitors or event attendees are not permitted. Public address systems used to attract the attention of visitors passing near the Exhibitor’s table are also not permitted.

6.8 Fund Raising: Fund raising for non-profit groups or charities will be permitted only with written permission from the ALIAS Entertainment.

6.9 Displaying Products: If the Exhibitor is displaying products or any material which is determined, in the ALIAS Entertainment’s discretion, to be inappropriate, including, for example, materials that are offensive, disparaging or discriminatory will be asked to remove its products or exhibit. Adult material is allowed on sale but must not be put on display or in areas where underage patrons can access such.

6.10 No Substitution/Sublease: The Exhibitor may not substitute him/her/itself or sublease table space. Any exhibitor found so doing will be ejected from the venue and banned from all further conventions.

6.11 Exhibitor responsible for own property: The property of the Exhibitor is deemed to be under his/her/its custody, control and oversight at all times, including in transit to and from the event and within the confines of their table. The table, materials, displays and equipment should not be left unattended at any time. The Exhibitor is wholly responsible for the security of his/her/its materials during set up, event hours and pack out/dismantling.

6.12 Liability: ALIAS Entertainment accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any loss of or damage to or theft of property (including materials, displays and equipment) belonging to the Exhibitor.


7.1 Set-up: Set-up is open from 7:00am on the days of the event. Tables and booths must be fully set-up and manned by 8:00am. The Exhibitor must take care when installing/dismantling his/her/its equipment and stand as not to cause damage to the Venue walls, floor, booths, chairs and tables, electrical fixtures, including all panels, fascia and lighting.

7.2 Late arrival: Late arrival will not be tolerated; the off-loading doors will be closed at 8:00am and exhibitors arriving after doors open for patrons will not be allowed to enter the hall until patron traffic at the general admission door has subsided so as not to place a strain on our staff. Additionally, support staff that will not be staying at your table(s) or booth will not be allowed into the hall. 

7.3 Dismantling: Table dismantling does not occur until after 4:00pm; exhibitors must not disrupt the event by dismantling early.

7.4 Responsibility for loss/damage if caused: The Exhibitor will be solely responsible for the cost of remedying any damage and repairs howsoever caused to the Venue carpet, walls, floor, tents, chairs, booths, tables, and all property damaged or destroyed by an Exhibitor must be replaced to its original condition at the expense of the Exhibitor.


8.1 Exhibitor to indemnify: By completing and submitting the Exhibitor Application Form, the Exhibitor agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the ALIAS Entertainment and the Venue from all claims, demands, damages, and liability of any kind, including loss, damage or destruction of property, breach of contract, injury, negligence, abuse or willful misconduct on the part of any party.

8.2 Organiser does not insure: Neither ALIAS Entertainment or the Venue owners provides insurance for the benefit of exhibitors. Exhibitors who wish to carry insurance on their property or for any other purpose must do so at their own expense.


9.1 Official Programme: ALIAS Entertainment may produce an official programme listing exhibitors for the event. ALIAS Entertainment gives no warranty as to the type or extent of the promotion of the event or as to attendance numbers at any Venue.

9.2 Website: ALIAS Entertainment may list all our exhibitors and links to their businesses on our website.

9.3 Social Media: ALIAS Entertainment may, leading up to the convention, announce and highlight each exhibitor, with their products and services across our social media platforms.

9.4 Prizes: Exhibitors who provide prizes for activities at the expo will receive additional advertising from ALIAS Entertainment, increasing the reach of your products or services to our patrons.

9.2 Consent to use image: By making a booking for a space the Exhibitor gives consent to the ALIAS Entertainment to take and use photographs, images and any video footage of the Exhibitor, or the space during the event for any of ALIAS Entertainment’s promotional purposes in perpetuity in any media without any payment to the Exhibitor.


10.1 Failure to comply: In the case of any failure of any Exhibitor to comply with these terms and conditions, ALIAS Entertainment may cancel the Exhibitor’s booking or may, during the staging of the event, eject any Exhibitor from the Venue. No refund or compensation will be payable to the Exhibitor if cancellation or expulsion occurs.

10.2 Consequences of ejection: If the Exhibitor is ejected from the event Venue, or their booking is cancelled, the Exhibitor will then be prohibited from occupying any table space. If the Exhibitor is at the time occupying a table, the Exhibitor must immediately remove all his/her/its exhibits from the Venue in accordance with ALIAS Entertainment’s directions. The Exhibitor will be responsible for all costs incurred in enforcing this clause 10.


11.1 Governing Law: These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of Trinidad and Tobago.

11.2 Alterations to terms and conditions: ALIAS Entertainment reserves the right to alter these terms and conditions at any time and for any reason.

11.3 Alterations to dates of event: ALIAS Entertainment reserves, in its absolute discretion, the right to alter the dates of the event and will use all reasonable endeavours to provide the exhibitors with reasonable prior notice of the change of date and will work with exhibitors to accommodate the change.

ACCEPTANCE: The Exhibitor has read the terms and conditions and understands that this agreement is legally binding between ALIAS Entertainment and the Exhibitor.


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