General Rules and Guidelines for Cosplayers attending Alias Entertainment Expo

Cosplay is an integral part of the convention experience and we at Alias Entertainment encourage and embrace all patrons to participate in cosplay and also provide an exciting, safe and family friendly environment for all.

  • Unruly behaviour under the guise of being “in character” is not permitted.
  • Costumes must be street-legal and suitable for all audiences.
  • Your costume must cover, at minimum, as much as a modest bathing suit 
  • No genitalia and/or nipples must not be visible through the costume. Liquid latex/ body paint do not a costume make. All “private parts” must be covered by actual clothing and you may use liquid latex/body paint as an enhancement.
  • Appropriate footwear is required at all times. If your costume calls for bare feet, you may wear flip-flops or ballet slippers, but the soles of your feet should not come in contact with the floor.
    If your costume requires a morph suit or unitard – type outfit you must pad the soles of the costume. 
  • The illusion of nudity is unacceptable. No Exceptions.
  • Body makeup that easily smears or transfers to any person or property cannot not be worn. Please properly seal and set all makeup so that does not happen. 
  • Costumes which have the sole purpose of offending and disrespecting other individuals, cultures, or religions in any way, will not be tolerated. 
  • Costume props must be replicas made of lightweight materials.
  • Real swords and heavy blunt items (Eg. Bats, Metal Pipes, Heavy Wooden items) will not be permitted into the convention and maybe held by con staff or not permitted into the convention at all.
  • All “Gun” props must either be plastic toys or crafted and will be inspected thoroughly upon entry by convention staff.
  • Caps, incendiaries or any sort of projectile are not allowed. 
  • Toy or fantasy prop bows are allowed, but please keep them unstrung when not being used for photos.
  •  It is important that weapons or props are never waved around, especially toy / replica guns, which must never be pointed at someone without consent. 
  • Alias Entertainment reserves the right to deny any/or all costumes not deemed appropriate and/or safe for entry into the convention.
  • All props are subject to review by management and we reserve full discretion for confiscation. If in doubt please email us at or check with security at the event.
Alias Entertainment Expo
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