Frequently Asked Questions

What is ALIAS Entertainment Expo?
ALIAS Entertainment Expo (AEX) is a multi-genre pop culture convention. The expo focuses on Comics, Cosplay, Gaming, Anime, Sci-fi and Movies. It is the only convention of its kind in the Caribbean region! It is held annually at the Centre of Excellence in Trinidad and Tobago at the end of July!

Where can I get tickets?
Every year we try to have ticket outlets in the North, Central and South of Trinidad and this year tickets are also available right here on our website! So be sure to check out our Tickets section to swipe yours for our early bird prices! As soon as physical outlets are finalised we will update you and announce on our FB page. So make sure you are subscribed to our posts to be up to date on all our announcements or call 303 7318 or 781 4230!

How does online ticket purchasing work?

Simply go to our Tickets Tab and select which ticket(s) you would like to purchase. Make sure to put in your real name when prompted to input your billing information. Once your purchase is complete, you will receive an email with your invoice, be sure to check your SPAM folders just in case. Please PRINT THE EMAIL WITH YOUR BARCODE. The barcode is unique to each ticket and will be scanned at the door. You are only allowed to purchase one ticket at a time on the site to ensure that each ticket gets its own personalised barcode for added security.

For VVIP Weekend Passes, Please ensure that the name you enter is the legal name of the ticket holder. Additionally, if you are getting a trinket please fill out the “ALIAS” field to tell us the name you want on the trinket.

Cash on Delivery is only available as an option for VVIP Weekend Passes, all other passes need to be paid for up front on the website. Those who fail to pay by the deadline will be blacklisted for future VVIP ticket purchases, so please only sign up if you have intentions of paying for it. Any remaining unpaid passes will then go on sale to the general public and prices will increase as time goes on.

You can purchase VVIP WeekendPasses with or without a token!

Do I have to cosplay to the theme?
Nope! Cosplay as whatever character you want or don’t cosplay at all. The choice is yours! If you do cosplay just be sure to adhere to our General Costume Rules.

Can I bring real weapons?
Please see our position on weapons in our Convention Policy Section 12

What happens if I lose my ticket?
Unfortunately we cannot refund or replace lost or stolen tickets. Once your ticket has been bought and given to you, it is at your risk. VVIP pass holders MAY be able to enter the convention if they lose their passes, since we will have your information on hand, however since we cannot constantly check our databases at every entry point (workshops, gala, afterparty) We cannot guarantee entry at these points. Long story short, do not lose your passes or tickets or you’re gonna have a bad time.

How do I apply for a Press Pass?
Please head over to the Applications section of our website and fill out the Press Pass Application Form! You will be notified of your acceptance or rejection by email closer to the date of the convention.  Please note however that our Press passes do not allow you access to our Nightlife attractions.

What happens if I break the rules or misbehave at the Expo?
Please read our Convention Policy sections 6 and 7. We reserve the right to revoke or suspend passes to the event and in some cases ban individuals from all our future events. Moral of the story here is, play nice! E.g Deadpool cosplayers please remember that you aren’t really Deadpool.

Alias Entertainment Expo
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