Panels and Workshops

At ALIAS we pride ourselves on not only providing you with a fun and entertaining weekend but an educational and informative one as well! To this end we will be hosting a number of panels and workshops over the 3 day weekend! We have hosted panels on Comic creation and story writing alongside workshops on Worbla, sewing and cosplay crafting. In recent years we have also hosted  panels and  workshops on Animation, Voice Acting, Robotics and much more!

Our full list of panels and workshops will be posted on our Schedule closer to the event!

In addition to world class panels and workshops hosted by our Guests we will also be doing fan run panels. If you are interested in applying for those, please see our application tab! Slots are extremely limited!

Community Stage

We also feature for the first time an open community stage where various talented individuals across the country come to share their talents and expertise in a variety of activities, hobbies and educational features. 

This stage is open to anyone with knowledge to share. 

To participate in the community stage you can sign up HERE

Alias Entertainment Expo
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