Games & Activities

Guest Signings
ALIAS has been host to a number of international guests over the years and we have more in store just  for you in 2023! So be sure to get your autographs and photos with our special celebrity guests!  Announcements on who will be coming will be made soon!

Gaming Arena
Welcome to our gaming arena! Competitors from far and wide have come to test their skills in hand eye coordination, sharpness of cunning and wit, and sheer determination of will against each other  and the assortment of games themselves. Gaming matches of all different forms e-games, board games, card games taking place over the weekend!

Dragon Pit
The Dragon pit was once a huge, cavernous building that was home for royalty among beasts, conquers of Land and Sky. . . DRAGONS! Alas, it has been abandoned for centuries and now lies in ruins. It is believed that the confines of the Dragon pit restricted the growth of dragons kept within, forcing them to adapt and evolve. ALIAS Entertainment invites you to explore our menagerie if you dare.
More info Coming Soon!

Dungeons & Dragons
The open-end role-playing game comes to ALIAS Entertainment Expo: Rise of the Dragon. Bring your adventuring party or form one at the expo and explore the fantasy worlds, embark on epic quests, and level up with experience. Do you and your party have what it takes to overcome the dungeon master’s plans? More info Coming soon!

A complex structure of complicated networked  passages. Hidden treasures, inescapable danger what lies around the next bend Ruin or Riches? ALIAS Entertainment invites you to lose your way and find yourself in the Labyrinth!

Scavenger Hunt

 THE HUNT IS ON! With new elements, trivia, and clues. Work in a group or alone, ALIAS‘ Scavenger Hunt will have you scouring the convention floor to complete your dailies. If only it were that simple. Find out more at ALIAS 2023!

Alias Entertainment Expo
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