Games & Activities

At Alias Entertainment Expo, your destination for non-stop fun and memorable experiences! Immerse yourself in a world of the latest video games, engaging tabletop challenges, and interactive activities. Check out some of our amazing activates showcased on one awesome memorable weekend


This is not your regular cafe! Instead of cute maids our amazing and kawaii Gym Bros will compete, entertain and serve you protein drinks and snacks to quench your THIRST!

So Get ready for shakes filled with BRO ENERGY that will give you MUSCULAR MENERGY

BRO CAFE contests include:

  • Pushup Contest
  • 🦵Leg wrestling Contest
  • Arm wrestling Contest
  • 🦵 Squats
  • 🦵Deadlift
  • Bench press

And much more!!


Think you can challenge our Bros and win? Be sure to take part in our Man vs Bro Challenge as well!!

So don’t skip leg day and don’t skip ALIAS 2024!

Guest Signings

ALIAS has been host to a number of international guests over the years and we have more in store just for you in 2023! So be sure to get your autographs and photos with our special celebrity guests!  Announcements on who will be coming will be made soon!


In Collaboration with the Port of Spain Young Adult Library

Dive into the first-ever Manga Library at a convention, featuring a curated space for manga enthusiasts to relax, explore, and enjoy a diverse collection of titles.

Join us in the Manga Lounge for a unique experience, with Nalis hosting workshops and giveaways throughout the weekend. Don’t miss your chance to immerse yourself in the world of manga at Alis Entertainment Expo!

Gaming Arena

Welcome to our gaming arena! Competitors from far and wide have come to test their skills in hand-eye coordination, sharpness of cunning and wit, and sheer determination of will against each other and the assortment of games themselves. Gaming matches of all different forms e-games, board games, and card games taking place over the weekend!

Dragon Pit

Ever wanted to interact with a Boa Constrictor or Burmese Python?

Welcome to the extraordinary Wildlife Showcase at Alias Entertainment Expo! Immerse yourself in the breathtaking biodiversity of our country as you embark on a journey through this captivating exhibit. Discover the unique flora and fauna that call our land home, and engage in an interactive experience 

Alias Entertainment Expo’s wildlife display is not just a spectacle – it’s a chance to foster a deeper connection with the natural world. Whether you’re a wildlife enthusiast or a casual observer, this exhibit promises an unforgettable journey through the wonders of our planet’s biodiversity. Don’t miss the opportunity to interact directly with these incredible creatures and leave with a newfound appreciation for the beauty and diversity of the animal kingdom that brings you up close and personal with some of the most fascinating wildlife.

Martial Arts Showcase

Step into the arena of power and precision at Alias Entertainment Expo! Our martial arts showcases bring you a thrilling display of skill and discipline. Marvel at the expertise of seasoned martial artists as they demonstrate a fusion of tradition and modern techniques. From breathtaking forms to dynamic sparring, experience the captivating world of martial arts that promises to leave you in awe. Don’t miss this opportunity to witness and be a part of the beauty and strength of these age-old disciplines – an unforgettable highlight at Alias Entertainment Expo!

Stage Events and Contests

ALIAS started the trend of hosting stage events and contests at cons here in Trinidad and Tobago and as such we always have new, interesting and fun activities planned for you guys! From our Push Up Contest to our Cosplay Masquerade, if you want to be entertained, the main stage is always the place to be!

Our schedule is usually jam-packed from 9 am to when doors close at 5 pm each day so stay tuned for updates on what we have planned in 2024! We will be bringing back some classic stage events and introducing some all-new ones.

Scavenger Hunt

 THE HUNT IS ON! With new elements, trivia, and clues. Work in a group or alone, ALIAS‘ Scavenger Hunt will have you scouring the convention floor to complete your dailies. If only it were that simple. Find out more at ALIAS 2024!

Alias Entertainment Expo
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