The VVIP Weekend Pass


This is our VVIP ALL Access PASS to the expo! You get all the perks of a VIP Day/Weekend Pass in addition to access to all the night time events such as our highly anticipated Cosplay Met Gala as well as access to our After Party! These VVIP passes are a cost-efficient alternative to purchasing access to everything separately, with a saving of over $50 dollars! So be sure to collect this awesome souvenir to the biggest event for the year! It is no doubt the best way to fully experience AEX 2023: Rise of the Dragon!  

Please note Every person must be registered as a unique attendee. Please use legal names matching valid photo id to ensure everyone can pick up their VVIP passes.

All Attendees are required to be present in order to pick up their own passes.

*Your Alias is required for your Trinket.

Alias Entertainment Expo
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