VOlunteer Code of Conduct

The Volunteer Code of Conduct sets the standards of individual behaviour required of all volunteers in the ALIAS Entertainment Expo.

The code is designed to ensure that all volunteers are aware of their obligations and responsibilities on the day. 

Volunteers who perform satisfactorily as evaluated by your supervisor MAY be eligible for a free or discounted entry into the ALIAS After Party.

Volunteers must be at least 18 years of age.

Please note that you’ll be expected to adhere to a few “common sense” policies:

  1. Dress Code: The convention does not enforce any formal dress code, but we ask that you not wear offensive t-shirts, or clothing that might offend guests or patrons.
  2. Intoxication: No drinking or use of controlled substances while working for the convention. If you become intoxicated while on duty or report for work while intoxicated or under the influence of a controlled substance, you will be removed from our volunteer list, ejected from the convention, and barred from becoming a volunteer.
  3. Try to be helpful and polite: The attendees around you have paid to enjoy the expo, whereas you might not have. It is far less expensive (and better for public relations) to remove you as a volunteer than it is to alienate paid attendees. Try to acquaint yourself with as much of the convention as possible, where things are, etc. If you don’t know the answer to a question, instead of saying “I don’t know,” say “I’ll find out!” — or direct the person to the area that he/she needs. If all else fails, the Information Desk will have the answer, or they’ll be able to make a referral.
  4. Timing: You are asked to show up 1-2 hrs prior to the start of the expo depending on your role. This allows time if you have to be briefed, and it’s a lot less nerve-wracking for all parties involved. 
  5. Pre-Event Meeting: In addition to the above you are expected to attend pre-event meeting(s) where the floor plan and programme for the convention will be discussed. Attendance at this meeting is obligatory as you will be taken on an in depth walk through of the venue and fully briefed on your role as a volunteer.
  6. Privileges: While you’re volunteering at ALIAS, you do not have special privileges; you do not get priority access in autograph lines, panels, workshops etc
  7. T-shirt: You will be given a free t-shirt which will help identify you to patrons. You will be asked for your t-shirt size in the  application form.
  8. Don’t let all that stuff above freak you out! Working as a volunteer at ALIAS can be an incredibly rewarding experience; that warm glow of teamwork and accomplishment that comes with a successful year will last long after the convention ends.
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